Monday, January 14, 2013

Jackie Ivie's Born of Fire Akron's Own

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Vampire Assassin League 

I created this dagger starting with a pencil drawing. It was great fun to create this image as it was total fantasy. The bat wing tattoo was great fun! I love creating different effect such as the wispy fire effect to the large wing in the branches.:O) 

What's new in the Art of Ivie?

Taking a two dimensional drawing and turning it into a thing of beauty!

graphic example of drawn sword forged inside the computer to look metal- Created by Barbara Ivie Green

I drew this sword in pencil and then "forged it" into a realistic metal sword in the computer. I have leaned that with this technique anything can become gold or silver opening up an whole new world to me as an artist. I then inserted my sword into a surrounding that was also created in the computer using a variety of different photos and lighting effects.

Sword in the Stone

Sword of Destiny SeriesNow available in print, click here for details.

King Authors sword in the stone with sunlight striking it.- created by Barbara Ivie Green